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1929 April Akinaga Mori(The founder) establishes Mori Manufacture Place, a manufacturer of bicycle forks, in Sakai, Osaka.
1949 January The company is reorganized as a corporation under President Akinaga Mori.
1959 October The company shifts its business line to the manufacture of welded stainless steel pipe and tubing.
1961 February It changes the name of company to Mory Industries Inc.
September First phase of construction of the Kawachinagano factory is completed.
October The company begins to manufacture finished products, such as gas burners, from stainless steel tubing.
1963 May The head office and main plant are consolidated and relocated from Sakai to Kawachinagano, Osaka.
November The company begins manufacturing automatic tube cutting machine.
1964 October The Tokyo office is opened.
November The Nagoya office is opened.
1965 January Akinobu Mori becomes the company's second president.
December The company begins manufacturing welded carbon steel pipe and tubing.
1967 May The company discontinues the manufacture of now-obsolete products developed before 1959, completing the shift in its business line.
1970 September A bright annealing furnace for stainless steel pipe and tubing is installed.
1972 May A large slitter is installed.
1973 June The company is listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1974 May The Osaka office is opened
1977 April The company develops innovative production equipment for stainless-steel-clad pipe and tubing.
1979 April The Mori Education Association is established.
1980 July The company is listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1982 January The Hiroshima office is opened.
1983 March 20-high cold rolling mill is installed for production of stainless steel sheet.
The company begins manufacturing stainless steel flat bars and round bar.
June The company is listed on the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchanges.
1984 June The company contributes capital to a joint venture with Taiyo Industries Inc. (a manufacturer of stainless steel and welded carbon steel pipe and tubing), which is renamed Saitama Mory Industries, Inc. (currently Kanto Mory Industries, Inc.).
October The Saitama office is opened.
December Four Osaka affiliates (Shirogane Industry, Takeda Industries Ltd., Mory Stainless Construction Materials, and Mory Manufacture Place) merge to form Mory Metal Co., Ltd.
1986 October The Mihara Plant is completed.
A cold rolling mill for carbon sheet steel is installed.
1987 September The Fukuoka office is opened.
1989 April The main building of the Head office is completed.
1990 January The company begins manufacturing stainless steel square pipe and tubing.
February 20-high cold rolling mill are added for production of stainless steel sheet.
1991 November The factory of Saitama Mory Industries (currently Kanto Mory Industries) is reconstructed.
1994 September A multistory warehouse for stainless steel pipe and tubing is constructed at the Kawachinagano Factory.
October Saitama Mory Industries Inc. is renamed Kanto Mory Industries Inc.
1997 August The Fukuoka Distribution Center is opened and introduces stainless steel construction materials in the Kyusyu and Chugoku regions.
1998 March The Osaka Distribution Center is opened.
July The Kanto Distribution Center is opened in Kanto Mory Industries Inc.
1999 January The Higashi Kanto Distribution Center is opened.
September The Nagoya Distribution Center is established
2000 June Hiroaki Mori becomes the company's third president.
2001 July The company begins manufacturing hot rolled stainless steel equal leg angle bars and flat bars in the Mitsukaido Factory.(currently Ibaraki Factory)
December The first extension work to the Higashi Kanto Distribution Center is completed.
2002 March Acquired ISO 9001 Certification.
(Kawachinagano Factory)
2003 August The Anjo Distribution Center is opened.
2004 June Nittoku Co.,Ltd. is opened.
October Acquired ISO 14001 Certification.(Kawachinagano Factory)
2005 September The Okayama Office and Okayama Distribution Center is opened.
November The second extension work to the Higashi Kanto Distribution Center is completed.
2006 May Relocated the head office to downtown Osaka.
2010 October The Company acquires the stock of Auto Metal Company Limited in Thailand.
2011 July The pipe tube making mill for stainless steel tubes (laser beam welding) starts production.
2012 October Establishment of the affiliate in Indonesia; PT.MORY INDUSTRIES INDONESIA.
2016 April The Hiroshima office and The Okayama office are combined, and The Chushikoku office is opened.
2017 April Relocated the Nagoya branch to Nagoya.
bicycle forks
stainless steel tubing
automatic tube cutting machine
steel pipe and tubing
listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
A 20-high cold rolling mill for stainless sheet steel
stainless flat bars and wire rods
A 12-high cold rollingmill for carbon sheet steel
stainless square pipe and tubing
A multistory warehouse for stainless steel tubing
The Osaka Distribution Center
Ibaraki Factory
Head office